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Why the Early Church Didn’t Have Worship Services. This first episode of the series is an overview of Wadsworth’s PhD dissertation, which investigated the “worship anomaly,” i.e., the fact that Christian assemblies in the NT are not described as “worship,” nor does the NT describe any assembly activities as “worship.”

The Real Meaning of “Worship” in the Bible. Seminar #2 digs into the Greek New Testament and the Septuagint, explaining why the Greek terms προσκυνέω, λατρεύω, and λειτουργέω are commonly mistranslated as “worship” in English Bibles.

Episode 3

The Temple That Changed Everything. In this third episode, Dr. Wadsworth explains the often-neglected impact of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in AD 70 and how it shaped “the Way” of the early Christians, which significantly altered their understanding of a “temple” and “worship.”

Why They Didn’t Preach Sermons in the Early Church. This presentation takes a closer look at the specific kinds of “assembly speaking” employed in church meetings in the New Testament, noting how first-century assembly speaking is different from the modern church approach.

Episode 5

Worship Wars and Biblical Role of Music. Since music has become a major feature in modern church culture, seminar #5 uses the conclusions of Seminars #1-#4 to analyze the so-called Worship Wars that first erupted in churches around 1997. In other words, if Christian assembly activities (including music) are to be done “for edification” (1 Cor 14:26), how should we assess the modern emphasis on contemporary music and praise songs?

How the Later Church Developed Worship Services. If the NT church never had “worship services,” when did they start and why? In episode #6, Dr. Wadsworth reveals the results of studying over 2,500 references to the word ‘worship’ in early Christian writings from the second, third, and fourth centuries.

What Do We Do Now? In this 7th and final episode, Tom recaps the key points of the first six presentations and identifies nine practical ways to improve church assemblies today by implementing the biblical findings of his research.

Garage Door Videos

Wadsworth wins award

Wadsworth Receives the 2019 Distinguished Service Award from the International Door Association. In this 5-minute video, IDA President Kevin Pettiette lists the reasons for awarding the IDA’s major award for distinguished service to Tom Wadsworth.

Local History Videos

Dixon’s Darkest Day: The Collapse of the Truesdell Bridge. This 75-minute presentation tells the shocking story of the May 4, 1873, Dixon Bridge Disaster, which occurred during a baptism ceremony in the Rock River. Delivered with a mix of sadness, horror, and humor, Dr. Wadsworth’s presentation is filled with revelations from his extensive research into newspaper coverage from May of 1873.

Billy Sunday’s 1905 Revival in Dixon, Illinois. Dr. Wadsworth tells the story of evangelist Billy Sunday’s five-week revival in Dixon, Illinois, in February and March of 1905. His research reveals important details about the man, his revival meetings, his methods, his unique tabernacles, his opponents, and 10 reasons why his revivals were remarkably successful. 


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