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Proskuneo and Worship

“Προσκυνέω Does Not Mean ‘Worship’” (Paper to be read at the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, November 2023). Using extensive evidence in the Septuagint and New Testament, this paper challenges the common notion that προσκυνέω should be translated as “worship,” contending instead that it should be translated as “to prostrate oneself.” 

The Shift

“The Shift: How the Early Church Evolved from House Meetings to Temple Worship” (Paper read at the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, November 2021) This paper chronicles how the early church, after the first century, began to view the Lord’s Supper as a sacrifice. From that core shift, Dr. Wadsworth chronicles how the church gradually adopted altars, priests, and temples, which resulted in the church viewing its assemblies as “worship.”

“Divine Christology: Where It Stands, Where It Should Go” (Paper read at the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, November 2017) Dr. Wadsworth traces the latest developments in the study of “Divine Christology,” identifying key issues and offering recommendations on new issues to be researched.

Garage Door Magazine Articles

Of hundreds of industry articles published by Tom Wadsworth, these had the greatest impact:

“The Worst Garage Door Company in the Nation,” Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Fall 2015. A bold piece of investigative journalism, which is rare in trade magazines, this article attracted the attention of Google, prosecutors, the Better Business Bureau, and television reporters from coast to coast. It also won a national gold medal for investigative journalism and earned Wadsworth the coveted Stephen Barr Award from the American Society of Business Publications Editors in 2016.

“The First Comprehensive History of the American Garage Door Industry,” Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Fall 2014. Chronicling every major garage door company and invention since 1921, this comprehensive history of garage door manufacturing in North America has become a standard resource for anyone researching this industry.

“Precision Door of Phoenix Exposed,” Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Winter 2018. As another example of Wadsworth’s investigative journalism, this article exposed a host of problematic business practices and resulted in the immediate expulsion of this door company from the Precision Door national franchise network. 

“The Founders of the Garage Door Industry: The Story That Has Never Been Told,” Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Fall 2020. This groundbreaking article unearthed new information that debunked long-held assertions about the inventor of the garage door, the inventor of the garage door opener, and the first company to make garage doors.

“The Garage Door: The New Front Door to the American Home,” Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Spring 2005. This landmark article prompted the garage door industry to launch a national public relations campaign that sought to spark a significant change in consumer attitudes toward garage doors.

“Two Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuits in One Day,” Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, Winter 2014. Revealing the intimate details of two massive lawsuits against garage door companies, this article attracted tens of thousands of clicks, helping garage door dealers and manufacturers learn powerful lessons on how to avoid such a debacle.

Local History Articles

Dixon: The Great Stagecoach Transfer Station, 2023. This 130-page book, based on local histories published over 100 years ago, reveals the surprising role of the stagecoach in the development of Northwestern Illinois from 1828 to 1855.

“Great Brinton: Colonel Brinton and Dixon’s Masonic Temple,” Dixon Living Magazine, Summer 2022. Tom’s magazine article tells the story of the man behind Brinton Avenue and his majestic home, which later became known as the Masonic Temple.

Lowell Park History, 2023. Lowell Park is the crown jewel of Dixon’s outstanding park system. This 40-page booklet reveals little-known historical details about the origin of the park and six of its most beloved features.

“Last Stop for the Sterling, Dixon & Eastern Electric Railway,” Sterling-Rock Falls Living Magazine, Summer 2021. This popular article reveals the story of the electric trolley car that offered passenger service between Dixon and Sterling from 1904 to 1925.

“How Dutch Helped Moon,” Dixon Living Magazine, Summer 2023. Everyone knows Ronald “Dutch” Reagan. But few realize how much he helped his big brother “Moon” reach the pinnacle of success in the media and advertising business.

“The Story Behind A.C. Bowers Field,” Dixon Telegraph, Nov. 3, 2023. Dixon High School’s athletic field has been known as A.C. Bowers Field since 1964. This is the story of A.C. Bowers and why the school board named this field after him.

“Dixon: The Great Stagecoach Transfer Station,” Dixon Telegraph, Nov. 17, 2023. This newspaper article is a condensed version of Tom’s book, telling the little-known story of Dixon’s pivotal role as a stagecoach transfer station from 1830 to 1855.

“How John Dement Foiled a Dixon Stagecoach Robbery,” Dixon Telegraph, Dec. 1, 2023. The Dement name is known throughout Dixon. One of Col. Dement’s claims to fame is the story of how he outwitted the notorious Banditti of the Prairie.

“The Kidnapping of Della Stackhouse,” 3 parts, Dixon Telegraph, Dec. 15, 22, 2023, and Jan. 5, 2024. When first reported in December of 1946, this harrowing story about the wife of a Dixon doctor made the news throughout the U.S.


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