Tom Wadsworth mid shot at desk

Strategic Communicator

Tom's work as a speaker and announcer gets all the attention. But his work as a writer and strategic communicator consumes most of his time. For more than 30 years, he has been involved daily in crafting strategic communications for mass audience.

His strategic communications include:

  • Media Relations. Having worked in the broadcast and print news media for more than 20 years, he knows what the media wants and how they want it.

  • Press Releases. As a press release expert, Tom has crafted hundreds of releases that have been published in hundreds of top media outlets from coast to coast.

  • Corporate Spokesman. Tom has not only been the major architect of a national public relations campaign, but he has also served as the key national spokesman to consumers and the media.

  • Magazine Writing/Editing. As the managing editor of a national trade magazine for more than a decade, Tom has published more than 300 articles for an audience of 20,000+.

  • Newsletter Writing/Editing. Since 1989, Tom has written and edited more than 100 business newsletters and enewsletters for national and international audiences in several industries.