Tom Wadsworth mid shot at the podium

Secrets of the Media Savvy

What do you do when you open the door and you're greeted by whirring news cameras? Depending on your reaction, your organization can look like a hero or a heel. And the ramifications of your response can affect your organization for years.

This vital presentation, from a veteran news anchor and corporate communications executive, presents 10 proven principles of media relations that can help you survive and thrive when the news media come calling.

Tom's presentation includes several video clips of classic do's and don'ts for dealing with the news media. Tom's 10 Secrets include:

The in-depth presentation also includes a collection of top tips on how to make the most of an interview with a reporter, and how to avoid common interview gaffs.

What People Are Saying:

"What a powerful and eye-opening presentation! Every CEO needs to hear this."

- John Addington, Executive Director

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