Tom Wadsworth close-up at the podium

The Care and Feeding of Ministers

(Churches/Denominational Meetings)

Few people are in a position to talk frankly to congregations about how to care for their pastor. But Tom can.

Having been a full-time minister, Tom knows the exhilaration of life-changing spiritual breakthroughs and the crushing agony of being mired in unwarranted attacks and bitter congregational battles.

"A minister's job is different," says Tom. In this often-humorous presentation, Tom shows how congregations can help themselves by helping their spiritual leaders.

What People Are Saying:

"You were a skilled, thoughtful, caring surgeon who masterfully performed "public open heart surgery." The lump in my throat was much too big to let me speak following your presentation. Thank you for your caring, your insights, and your willingness to bare your soul to us."

- Rev. Darrell Sample, Senior Pastor

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